Being Smart with Your Smartphone – New resource for KS2 from Childnet and PSA

Childnet International and the Phone-paid Services Authority (PSA) have worked together to create a lesson called Being Smart with Your Smartphone, this resource is designed for teachers to use with 8-11 year olds. The lesson highlights that it is possible to spend real money through your smartphone and gives key strategies to avoid any mishaps.

The resources are split into 3 parts;

  • The Teacher Pack contain detailed lesson plan and extension activities. The lesson looks at the different ways that young people can spend money through their phones (such as in-app purchases or voting on a TV talent show) and gives them practical strategies to help them recognise them and know what to do.
  • The PowerPoint presentation  features examples to highlight in-app purchases and explore tricky terms and conditions.
  • The Student Pack includes worksheets and additional information for pupils.

Further information about the resources is available on the Childnet blog here and the resources can be downloaded here.

For further help and information on this topic:



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