Wanted: Secondary schools to feed back on Internet Safety Strategy

Although the official consultation has closed, the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS) are offering opportunities for secondary schools to participate (via telephone dial in) a consultation on the Internet Safety Strategy green paper.

The following text from DCMS was initially shared on the LGfL blog, who have kindly allowed it to be shared here.

Invite to Secondary Schools from DCMS

The Government’s Internet Safety Strategy published on 11th October 2017 and looks at how we can make Britain the safest place in the world for users to be online. We want everybody to be able to access the benefits of the internet without harm, and this means working together with a wide range of stakeholders to develop safer online communities and empowering citizens to manage risks and stay safe online.

We know that schools play a critical role supporting children when they have suffered online harms. The Strategy sets out how DCMS and DfE will work together to ensure support for schools on these issues. We recognise that companies also have a responsibility for conduct and content on their products and platforms and are therefore setting stretching objectives for industry on tackling online harms.

We’d like to get secondary school staff (i.e teachers, teaching assistants, well-being staff) views on the full range of proposals in the strategy and are therefore conducting focus groups across the whole of the UK. Schools will be credited for their contribution to the consultation (/not referenced, as preferred).

If you would like to take part please contact internetsafetystrategy@culture.gov.uk, stating your role, school and availability to attend one session via telephone dial in from the following:

  • Friday 19th January 4-5pm
  • Monday 22nd January 4-5pm
  • Wednesday 24th January 4-5pm
  • Thursday 25th January 12-1pm


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