Childnet Online Safety Awareness Pack for Schools #esafety

Childnet have created a brand new School Pack for Online Safety Awareness with new and updated  resources to help schools teach online safety, and to help staff protect their own online reputation.

The pack includes:

  • An online safety calendar
    • Childnet’s updated online safety calendar includes key dates such as Safer Internet Day and Anti-Bullying Week, as well as  lesson themes and games. The calendar will help schools ensure that online safety plays a pivotal part throughout the year, and is embedded throughout the curriculum.
  • Social media – a guide for teachers and support staff
    • This guidance is designed to support staff’s personal and professional use of social media sites in order to keep staff, their pupils, and their jobs safe, and gives real life examples that will help staff to navigate the online world and respond to potential risks.
  • Teachers and technology: a checklist
    • This checklist is for using technology safely with young people. It outlines key points to consider when using technology in the classroom, at school and at home.

Designated Safeguarding Leads (DSLs) may find it helpful to download and share these resources with their staff as part of their safeguarding training and updates.  The resources will work well in conjunction with the Kent resources, including the Safer Professional Practice guidance and other associated resources, available on Kelsi.

Find out more and download the content by visiting the Childnet School Pack for Online Safety Awareness page.

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