UK Safer Internet Centre publish new online safety guides for professionals working with children

The UK Safer Internet Centre have launched a set of new tailored online safety guides for key professionals working with children, including social workers, healthcare professionals, residential care settings and governors/trustees.

These guides add to their existing guides for teachers and for foster carers and adoptive parents.

It is essential that all professionals working with children are empowered to support and safeguard children and their families in their use of digital technology, as well as knowing how to protect their own professional reputation.

The new guides provide tailored advice for professionals working with children, with a range of topics covered, including:

  • Roles and responsibilities in relation to online safeguarding, including effective policy and practice
  • Understanding the latest technologies and trends
  • Managing online safeguarding incidents
  • Supporting children, young people, parents, carers
  • Professional reputation

Find out more in the UK Safer Internet Centres Advice Centre.

Kent professionals are also encouraged to access Online Safety guidance from Kent Safeguarding Children Board and should find out who their agency lead is for Online Safety is.

Governors and Trustees for Kent educational settings can also seek specific support and training via the Education Safeguarding Team.

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