Childnet Youth Ambassadors wanted for Project DeSHAME

Childnet are looking for a national team of 10 young people aged 13-17 to become Childnet Youth Ambassadors as part of Project deSHAME. The project is dedicated to working towards online equality and removing online pressures and harassment.

Youth Ambassadors will be directly involved in planning, developing and launching a national campaign to raise awareness of these issues, and will be able to suggest solutions for teachers, parents and the police. Childnet want to work with young people to enable them to take the lead and advise adults on how to make the internet a better and more equal place.

Schools and settings working with young people aged 13-17 may wish to circulate this opportunity with their communities.

An information leaflet is available HERE which contains more information about the role and details about how to apply. The application process opens on 24th April 2017 and will close on 16th June 2017. Young people can apply using the application form.


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