Childrens’ Online Content Worksheet for SID 2017 from Ofcom and Childnet

As part of its support for Safer Internet Day on Tuesday 7 February, Ofcom has  published a children’s online content worksheet for children aged 8-11.  created in collaboration with Childnet.

Children are surrounded by lots of different images every day. To understand what images and content they see, Ofcom asked them what types of things they look at, and what they would do if they saw something worrying or nasty. The worksheet shows children the results from Ofcom’s research, and encourages them to consider their own online use and what is appropriate for their age group. They can be used in school, or at home with parents/carers, and can help to prompt important discussions about being safe online.

Ofcom has a duty to promote and carry out media literacy research. As part of this work, they talk to children aged 3-15 about how they use and think about media, including the internet. They also talk to parents and carers about how they keep children safe when using different types of media.

Media literacy means people have the skills, knowledge and understanding to make full use of the opportunities presented by communications services, both new and traditional. All of Ofcom’s media literacy research is available online.

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