Kayleigh’s Love Story – Film produced by Leicestershire Police

A film about how a 15-year-old Leicestershire schoolgirl was groomed online and subsequently murdered has made available .

This resource is hard-hitting and contains scenes which can be distressing (the film is rated as being suitable for audiences of 15+); the use of this resource could be especially traumatic for children or adults who have experienced sexual abuse.  It should not be used directly as an ‘educational’ tool for children who have experienced or are at risk of abuse. We strongly recommend that DSLs/staff view the video in full to ensure its use it suitable and appropriate before using it with any members of the community.

It’s use may  lead to disclosures, therefore DSLs must ensure staff are familiar with the school’s safeguarding and child protection procedures before using it with young people. This video should only be used as part of an embedded and progressive online safety education. We recommend that if schools choose to use this resource with young people, it is used where possible, within small group situations such as PSHE lessons or tutor time. If used within an assembly context it could place children at risk, such as if they become distressed or disclose abuse.

Leicestershire Police have been showing the film to secondary schoolchildren in Leicester, via tightly-controlled screenings run by a team of eight, specially-trained Police Community Support Officers. Leicestershire Police felt  it was critical the film was shared in structured screenings  where staff could discuss with children the issues raised by the film and provide support and advice. Following these screening, 35 “disclosures” were made by children to the police and these are currently being investigated.

A signed version, an audio described version and versions of the film translated into five languages – Polish, Hindi, Guajarati, Urdu and Punjabi – is available on the force’s YouTube page.

  • Kayleigh’s Love Story – FactSheet
  • Kayleigh’s Love Story – Links


If  Kent Schools wish to discuss online safety further then please contact the Education Safeguarding Team.


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