Kent Guidance for educations settings when dealing with complaints or issues raised on social networking sites

In January 2016 the Department for Education issued non-statutory guidance, “Best Practice Advice for School Complaints Procedures 2016” (for maintained schools, maintained nursery schools and local authorities). The advice is designed to help governing bodies understand their obligations and duties in relation to Section 29 of the Education Act 2002. As a result of this guidance, KCC has revised its model procedure for handling school complaints  in order to aid governing bodies in revising their school’s complaints policy and procedure.

In addition to the revised Model Procedure School Complaints Procedure, KCC has produced guidance for schools, nurseries and settings to help them when dealing with complaints or issues raised on social networking sites . An alternative PDF version can be found here.

This guidance has been written to enable education setting leaders to respond to an often difficult and complex issue with a clear understanding of potential implications, supported by realistic expectations of outcomes and to develop a consistent and appropriate response to try to ensure that positive relationships with parents and carers are maintained.

Further information about complaints for KCC education settings can be found on Kelsi.

Kent education settings leadership staff may wish to contact the following places for advice regarding specific concerns relating to complaints or issues  on social media sites:

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