Kent Online Safety Template and Guidance resources – updated for September 2016

The Kent Online Safety policy template and guidance has been updated for September 2016. This version takes into account the recently updated ‘Keeping children safe in education’ 2016 statutory guidance for schools and colleges and the Ofsted “Inspecting safeguarding in early years, education and skills settings” document, September 2016.

The Acceptable Use Policy template and guidance and the Use of Cameras and Images policies have also been updated.

The online safety agenda applies to children and young people as well as adults and is concerned with the safe use of the Internet, mobile phones and other devices, both in and outside of schools and settings. It includes education for all members of the community regarding risks and responsibilities and is part of the safeguarding responsibility which applies to everyone working with children.

Today’s children and young people live in a digital world and it is essential that all education settings recognise this when implementing their safeguarding responsibilities. Education leaders and managers must decide on the right approach for their own community and must ensure that appropriate action has been taken to help protect staff, children and the wider community online.

Kent education settings can consult with the Education Safeguarding Adviser (Online Protection) to discuss policies and procedures in relation to online safety responsibilities.

The updated policy template and guidance is available electronically on the Kelsi website

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