University of Kent , Centre for Child Protection CPD and Training Events

The Centre for Child Protection at UKC are offering a range of training events including:

  • Free demonstration: 10th March, TechUK, London
  • ‘Lottie: spot the signs of CSE’ CPD workshop:
    • 17th March (Medway), 5th  May, 9th June, 14th July
  • ‘Zak: spot the signs of radicalisation’ CPD Workshop:
    • 15th March, 3rd May, 7 June, 12 July
  • Combined Zak and Lottie CPD (one day):
    • 13th April (Canterbury)
  • CPD event – Cutting edge work with traumatised young people:
    • 21th April (Canterbury)
  • Direct work with children training day:
    • 22th March (Tonbridge)

For more information access the Centre for Child Protection’s website 

Ofsted (2015)  requires that schools ensure that ‘Adults understand the risks posed by adults or learners who use technology, including the internet, to bully, groom, radicalise or abuse children or learners.’ All professionals working with young people can benefit by being aware of the serious issue of online grooming  and radicalisation and how to identify it.

  • Lottie: features the ‘boyfriend’ style groomer, and tackles the complexities of a seemingly normal online relationship and provides unprecedented insight into perspectives of both groomer and victim of CSE.
  • Zak: will ensure that organisations complies with the mandatory Prevent Duty to prevent people from being drawn into terrorism. Zak training enables delegates to be able to identify children at risk of being drawn into terrorism, have confidence and knowledge to challenge extremist ideas and know how to refer children and young people for further help.

A concessionary rate is available for KCC staff attending  training on the 17th March (Lottie) and 13th April (Zak and Lottie combined) and also for the “Cutting edge work with traumatised young people” event on the 21st April. Please contact the Education Safeguarding Adviser (Online Protection) for more information.

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