‘Counter-Extremism – narratives and conversations’ – New LGfL resource

The e-Safety and Editorial team at LGfL, supported by  Sara Khan (http://www.wewillinspire.com)  have developed an open resource to support education providers to actively prevent radicalism and extremism.

‘Counter-Extremism – narratives and conversations’ is a resource designed for all schools and education settings and aims not only to build confidence and support the safeguarding of young people (online and off-line), but also to facilitate discussion on respect, tolerance, community cohesion and shared values. The resource highlights narrative from organisations such as ISIS, as well as the far-right.  There is growing evidence, particularly online, of anti-immigration and anti-Muslim sentiment amongst communities and young people in the UK.  This recent article highlights an important survey from the charity Show Racism the Red Card on the subject.  http://www.theguardian.com/education/2015/may/19/most-children-think-immigrants-are-stealing-jobs-schools-study-shows

By understanding the narrative of extremist organisations, teachers and professionals working with young people and their parents can better break down prejudice and develop shared values.

The resource is primarily aimed at school staff, but may be deemed appropriate for use with older students in Citizenship and PSHE lessons.

For further details visit http://www.lgfl.net/esafety/Pages/counter-extremism.aspx

To access the resource visit www.counterextremism.lgfl.net

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