Zak “Tackling Radicalisation” Training and Resources

Posted on behalf of the Centre for Child Protection.

Along with CSE, tackling radicalisation is one of society’s biggest challenges.  In response to this, the University of Kent’s Centre for Child Protection (in partnership with Kent Police and Kent County Council) has developed an interactive serious game simulation – ‘Zak’- for use by young people.

‘Zak’ is a research-based case which allows young people to interact and spot the signs of grooming for radicalisation through the use of a social media style interface. Young people use a ‘traffic light’ system to grade Zak’s posts on his timeline, to assess if and how he is being groomed. Detailed answers and comments are provided at the end of the simulation.

Following training, professionals will be able to use the tool ‘Zak’ with young people in schools, youth clubs, young offender institutions, children’s homes, foster placements and other health and social care settings.  ‘Zak’ has been evaluated following its use in Kent secondary schools, generating very positive feedback.

Some of the comments received:

  • Increases staff confidence and awareness of radicalisation and internet grooming.’
  • ‘The related training pack has been rated ‘excellent by 90% of the users and good or very good by the remaining 10%’
  • ‘100% of pupils reported to their teaching staff that they learned things they did not know before and found Zak engaging.’
  • ‘Although designed for internet use, Zak has capacity to be used as a laminated hands on learning resource and has been used in this way, where internet was not available.’
  • ‘Zak raised specific issues for schools regarding social media that staff were able to respond to.’

The Centre is also offering training on child sexual exploitation, using the recently-launched online training tool ‘Lottie’. Visit the website for venue details and to book.

Book your place here, or email the centre if you would like a group session at your organisation, or have any questions.

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