Child Sexual Exploitation Training – ‘Looking for Lottie’

The following content is published on behalf of the Centre for Child Protection.

A recent Ofsted report highlighted that local authorities have been too slow to face up to their responsibilities to prevent child sexual exploitation. In the first ever in-depth survey into how local authorities are dealing with the sexual exploitation of children, Ofsted finds that the risk of exploitation is still not well understood in many areas.

The report ‘The sexual exploitation of children: it couldn’t happen here, could it?’ (Ofsted, 2014) was commissioned by Ofsted’s Chief Inspector, Sir Michael Wilshaw, to build a clearer picture of how well local authorities and partners are working to prevent child sexual exploitation in their area, to offer protection to its victims, and to pursue and prosecute its abusers.

The Lottie simulation – developed in partnership

Launched in November 2014, developed with NHS Health Education Kent, Surrey and Sussex, ‘Lottie’ offers health and social care and education professionals the opportunity to train on key aspects of online CSE – gaining insight into the process and implications for the victim and groomer. It is an interactive and immersive simulation, based on real cases and research. ‘Lottie’ is designed for both professionals and young people, identifying how young people are groomed online for sexual exploitation. It follows the compelling and contemporary story of a schoolgirl Lottie and how she becomes involved with Jake, a seemingly innocent ‘boyfriend’. Through the use of a social media style interface, professionals are able to learn about grooming by tracking the behaviour of the groomer and see the implications for the victim.

Lottie’ for Professionals & young people

‘Lottie’ includes links with tools and reflective questions about how to respond to young people who are potentially at risk. Two versions are available:

For professionals:

To gain insight into grooming behaviour, how to spot it on different social media and, vitally, how to help victims protect themselves from child sexual exploitation

For direct work with young people:

To learn about grooming methods via social media in a real-life ‘Facebook’ style scenario. By understanding the behaviours and implications of the characters, young people will learn how to keep themselves safe. ‘Lottie’ is for all young people in schools, foster care, residential care, youth clubs, youth offending institutions and YOT’s, to name but a few.

 What will you learn?

Child sexual exploitation (CSE) is a complex topic. ‘Lottie’ Training Day offers a mixture of experiential learning via the simulation and this is underpinned by research, tools and practice implications. You will learn about CSE, how to use the tool and how to get the best out of it for your organisation. This training course offers a valuable CPD training opportunity. Lottie is a modern inter-active way of training and brings to life the issues and potential solutions for professionals and the young people they work with, an awareness of what to look out for and how to spot grooming behaviour.

The proposed schedule for the day’s training is set out below:

  1.  Definitions and prevalence of CSE in the UK
  2. Messages from research, reports and serious case reviews
  3. It couldn’t happen in my area (could it?)
  4. The ‘Lottie’ storyline and features
  5. The groomed
  6. Getting into the mind of the groomer & thinking about gang culture
  7.  Group activities relating to some of the scenes in Lottie
  8. Using ‘Lottie’ with your organisation and young people
  9.  Other tools and resources (CEOP)

Book your place

Just pay for the day’s training and the simulation is then free for a year

Places on the training sessions can be booked via the Centres website  here or alternatively contact us directly for group discount, or to arrange bespoke training in your organisation Telephone 01227 827546 or email


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