The Centre for Child Protection are launching new child protection training simulations

The Centre for Child Protection and Health Education Kent, Surrey and Sussex are launching two new simulations at the University of Kent, Canterbury, 11 November 2014 12:00-17:00. This free event will introduce participants to the two training simulations for professionals. Both simulations will include a comprehensive training pack (based on research and expert consultation) containing discussion points, guidance and references. Registration for further training will soon be available online and will also be taken at the event. 12 months free access to ‘Looking out for Lottie’ will be awarded once training is successfully completed. The 11th November may be of particular benefit to child protection/Safeguarding, PSHE and e-Safety leads within Secondary schools.

Following the 11th November, participants will be able to:
• Identify risk factors in the sexual abuse of vulnerable children and young people
• Be aware of the main aspects of the new training tools available to promote the understanding of online grooming methods; how to manage behaviours resulting from child sexual exploitation (CSE); and considerations of managing a sex offender in the community
• Register for training to use ‘Looking out for Lottie’ and/or ‘Visiting Elliot’
• Sample some of the simulations on the day — bring along your laptop, Ipad and/or tablet!
• Increase their own confidence to respond appropriately to concerns about CSE and risk of sex offenders in the community.

Keynote Speaker: Donald Findlater, The Lucy Faithfull Foundation
Professor David Shemmings, University of Kent
Dr Jane Reeves, University of Kent

Register now for the event: Book your place at Eventbrite online:
Book your place on a training session: 1 day training session (£199)
For more information: or email

‘Looking out for Lottie’
Developed with NHS Health Education Kent, Surrey and Sussex, ‘Lottie’ offers health and social care and education professionals the opportunity to train on key aspects of online CSE – gaining insight into the process and implications for the victim and groomer. It is an interactive and immersive simulation, for use by both professionals and young people, on how young people are groomed online for sexual exploitation. It follows the story, on social media, of a schoolgirl Lottie and how she becomes involved with Jake, a seemingly plausible young man. By following the simulation, professionals are able to gain insight into the process, and the behaviour of the groomer and the victim. Two versions are available:
a) For professionals: to learn how to spot and highlight grooming behaviour and, vitally, how to manage behaviours resulting from child sexual exploitation
b) For direct work with young people: to learn about grooming methods to look out for demonstrated in a real-life scenario, to make decisions and understand the emotions and actions of the characters. ‘Looking out for Lottie’ will be suitable for use with children and young people aged 11-18 by practitioners within classrooms or in informal settings.

‘Visiting Elliot’
‘Visiting Elliot’ is for all agencies involved in the supervision and management of offenders and is a key training tool for assessing risk. Based on a partnership between University of Kent, Kent Police and Kent Probation Service ‘Visiting Elliot’ is a home visit to a sex offender just released on licence. It provides opportunity to identify and then analyse risk factors in Elliot’s life. Official documents are studied during the simulation and it can be used individually or discussed in groups. At the end of the session, detailed answers are provided to promote reflective learning.


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