CEOP issue Snapchat hack advice

CEOP have issued a blog post on the Think U Know site about the recent Snapchat hack press coverage that has been reported in a variety of media outlets over the last few days.

The post contains a useful summary regarding the concerns and recent media coverage as well as providing helpful advice for young people and education staff in relation to what to do if they have any concerns over this issue.

If education staff would like to explore this issue with young people they can use the ‘News’ section of Thinkuknow for 14+. Using recent news stories is an excellent approach to engaging young people and ensuring that e-Safety education messages and current and relevant to young people. CEOP have posted an article about Snapchat hacking here.

Young people should be made aware of the potential consequences of sharing sexual images. They can visit the ‘Need advice?’ areas of CEOPs Thinkuknow for 11-13s & Thinkuknow for 14+ sites for information, advice and films on the topic.

If professionals are concerned about young people being blackmailed over images they have shared then they can also access the ‘Webcam with Confidence’ fact sheet and assembly which tackles this issue from the Thinkuknow for Teachers – Resources Area.

To read the post in full visit the CEOP blog here and make sure you subscribe or visit the TUK blog regularly to receive updates

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