Childnet’s Digiduck story is back!

The popular e-Safety book by Childnet for early years and KS1 children, Digiduck’s Big Decision, is back and it’s a brand new version!

Thanks to the fantastic support from Microsoft in the US and the UK Childnet have been able to reprint Digiduck’s Big Decision with some importance differences. Not only is the illustrated children’s book now in A4, it now has some prompts for parents and children to discuss the story and also includes information and advice for parents of younger children. Digiduck is also joined by a fantastic interactive app for tablets has been produced in partnership with Internet Matters. It will launch on Android and Apple on the 22nd September 2014. available on the Apple App store and Google Play

As Childnet CEO, Will Gardner, explains “we are so grateful to the fantastic support from Microsoft which has enabled us to improve the very popular Digiduck book, and make it available to many more children and those that support them. With children accessing technology at a younger and younger age, it is vital we talk to and support children in their understanding and use of technology – this new edition of Digiduck will be a useful resource to help“.

Digiduck’s Big Decision was first published in 2012 andfollows Digiduck and his pals in a story of friendship and responsibility online for children aged 3-7 (however older children and even adults like Digiduck too!) The book is FREE and can be order from Childnet’s online shop.

To find out more information about all the other resources in the Digiduck collection visit the Digiduck page.

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