Childnet launch new guides to e-Safety in the Computing Curriulum

The introduction of the Computing curriculum in England aims to equip all pupils with the knowledge, understanding and skills to use information and communication technology creatively and purposefully. A key aspect of this lies in being digitally literate. Online technologies play a huge role in everyday life and so providing a broad and balanced e-Safety education at each key stage is vital to ensuring that pupils can navigate the online world safely and positively.

Childnet have published four guides for Key Stages 1-4 to highlight the key learning aims related to e-Safety in the Computing curriculum and signpost to some key resources that can be used in the classroom to help deliver these aims. It is not a requirement to use all the resources listed, and some resources can be used to deliver more than one e-Safety message.

The guides provide schools with a fantastic starting point for providing e-Safety teaching that meets the requirements of the new computing curriculum.

You can find the guides (in Prezi and PDF format) on the Childnet website

e-Safety in Computing KS1
e-Safety in Computing KS2
e-Safety in Computing KS3
e-Safety in Computing KS4

Content adapted from Childnet

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