New Online Safety Checklists for Parents from the NSPCC

Parents/carers and adults want to teach children about all aspects of safety and enable them to become resilient to risks, whether that’s about crossing the road safely, learning to swim or being wary of strangers. However, talking to children about keeping safe online may cause some adults to be anxious or unsure where to begin. You don’t need to be a technology expert to help keep children safe online; being curious and having an open and ongoing dialogue with children about their online world is essential.

The NSPCC have produced a set of checklists for parents/carers with tips and advice to help parents/carers have conversations with their children about keeping safe when using the internet, mobile phones or playing online games. The guides include advice for parents of under fives, primary aged children and teenagers and also covers issues such as online grooming, sexting, cyberbullying and online pornography.

The checklists are available to download here
Schools and settings may wish to share these checklists with their families and communities via newsletters, websites or social media channels or make them available in hard copy to developed a shared approached to online safety.

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