ChildLine Schools Service: Booking now for Kent & Medway Primary Schools

Research has shown that the majority of children who contact the ChildLine helpline for information, help and support are over 11 years old but we know that abuse often started many months, or even years, before.

As a result, a new nationwide service called the ChildLine Schools Service has been developed to reach out to all primary school aged children.

The objectives of this service are to give 9 to 11-year-olds:

  • an understanding of abuse in all its forms including bullying, and an ability to recognise the signs of abuse
  • knowledge of how to protect themselves from all forms of abuse
  • an awareness of how to get help and sources of help, including ChildLine.

This free service is being offered to all primary schools across Kent and Medway and will take the form of an assembly and interactive workshop. The assembly covers; definitions of abuse, places to go to for help and an introduction to ChildLine. The workshop happens 1-2 weeks later and is an interactive class room based session that reinforces the key messages given in the assembly.

For further information and to view short films of the service in action visit the Schools Service website on

Kent and Medway schools can contact their ChildLine Schools Service Area Coordinator  directly for more information or to book a visit:


Tel:       0782 507 3988

For more information access this flyer:

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