Updated Think U Know Site (11+) – Call for Feedback!

Back in February CEOP launched their exciting new websites for young people: Thinkuknow for 11-13s and Thinkuknow for 14+. CEOP took this new, more tailored approach to better reflect young people’s development in their messages. In the intervening weeks CEOP hope that professionals have had a chance to visit the new sites, or better still use them with young people.

CEOP are really keen to learn what practitioners think about the sites and how they can further develop them as an educational resource. CEOP have created two surveys to capture practitioner feedback:

New Thinkuknow for 11-13s Website – Feedback Survey

New Thinkuknow for 14+ Website – Feedback Survey

Please feel welcome to share your thoughts with CEOP via one of the quick online surveys. Feedback from practitioners is really valuable to the future development of the Thinkuknow programme so CEOP would like to thank contributors in advance for their time and support.

The surveys are open to any practitioners – education professionals, youth workers, social workers, law enforcement officers, etc – who have used the site and will close on Tuesday 27th May.

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