“Well Versed” Project for 13-15 year olds

‘Well Versed’ is an engaging e-safety project designed for secondary school students. The Parent Zone have teamed up with partners Google, Livity and YouTube stars for a project that will encourage young people to create positive e-safety messages for their peers. The project, aimed at 13-15 year olds, will encourage young people to share their best advice for mastering life online, and share their learning.

The Parent Zone are giving young people the opportunity to share their tips, techniques and secrets for navigating the online world safely. Teens are invited to submit a 15 second video sharing their advice in the most creative and engaging way possible – for the chance to then star in a video with some of their favourite YouTube personalities!

To accompany the project, The Parent Zone have developed a set of resources to support schools’ and settings involvement including an assembly presentation, letter to parents and a ‘how to’ guide to the project. They’ve also worked with a range of organisations – including NSPCC, Brook and BeatBullying – to bring together advice for schools/settings and young people about mastering life online. This is a great opportunity to encourage young people to think about their online behaviour and to engage with them on positive e-safety messages.

Click here to register for more information

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