“The Meerkat Sleepover” – New PSHE resource from the Parent Zone.

The Parent Zone have launched a new resource for Reception and Year 1 pupils bringing something that combines cute and cuddly with sound educational value. The project involves Oleg the baby Meerkat, a new addition to the very popular comparethemarket Meerkat family. Oleg will take centre stage in a project they have developed on behalf of comparethemarket called “The Meerkat Sleepover”.  This is an opportunity for a class to take turns to take the baby Meerkat home for a sleepover. The purpose of the sleepover and the support materials the Parent Zone have developed to accompany Oleg is to encourage children to think about the importance of caring and why we take care of each other. Each child will be asked to complete a diary when it is their turn to take the Meerkat home capturing what they did and how they looked after it. The Meerkat diaries will capture how children look after him, the care they provided and the adventures he had.  Children will be introduced to the activity with a lesson plan.

If you would like to participate in this project then please fill in an application form here

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