New Think U Know Online Safety microsites launched for young people aged 11-13 and 14+

CEOP’s Think U Know site has launched two brand new (mobile and tablet friendly)microsites, offering information and advice on sexual abuse and exploitation both online and off, directly to young people: Thinkuknow for 11-13s and Thinkuknow for 14+.

These new sites have been developed in consultation with young people and subject area experts and will replace the old Thinkuknow site for 11-16s. Think U Know are taking a more tailored approach to better reflect young people’s development in their messages and the new sites provide the opportunity to meet the needs of younger and older teens and to discuss more relevant and hard-hitting issues with an older audience.

The sites will focus on issues such as blackmail over webcam, online grooming, online dating, exploring your sexuality online, relationship abuse, ‘sexting’ and sexual exploitation, with the issues and their presentation varying across the two sites to reflect the audience. The sites will offer up-to-date information, advice and signposts to appropriate sources of support on each topic. They will also provide advice if young people are worried that their friends need help with one of these issues. The sites will be kept fresh and relevant through updated ‘Q&A’ and news sections.

Please encourage the children and young people you work with to visit

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