What’s your story? – Film Competition for Young People

Trend Micro are running a film competition for young people aged 13 or older to create a video for their competition “What’s Your Story 2011”. The competition is open to individuals or schools in the USA, UK and Canada. Videos can be submitted by individuals or as a group effort by their schools (Note this competion is open to Secondary Schools only).

Prizes include: One $10,000USD for the grand prize and overall winner; six $500USD category prizes (three awarded to schools per category and three awarded to individuals per category). All prizes are in US Dollars or the equivalent in British Pound Sterling or Canadian Dollars at contest closing date.

The videos will be used to help educate children, young people and families and will promoted by members of the judging panel which includes Trend Micro, Childnet International and Facebook. All videos should be 30 seconds to 2 minutes long, must not use copyrighted content like someone else’s music and must cover one of the following topics:

1. Being a Good Online Citizen

Being a good online citizen means thinking critically about your behaviour and acting ethically while online. Do you think about the consequences of what you say/post and do you treat others as you would in person? Topics for this category may cover one or more of the following:

  • Cyberbullying or online harassment
  • Keeping a good reputation online
  • Setting a good example for others or reporting bad behaviour (versus just being a bystander)

2. Using a Mobile Phone Wisely

There are more ways to connect online today than ever before. Mobile phone apps make sharing things like your location, photos, videos and what your dog had for breakfast so easy. Think about the following regarding wise mobile phone use:

  • Snapping, storing and sharing photos & videos that you wouldn’t be embarrassed to share with the world or that wouldn’t embarrass or hurt someone else
  • GPS and geo-location privacy – who would you want knowing where you are?
  • Phone security – what would happen if you lost your phone or it was stolen?

3. Maintaining Your Privacy Online

Free, fun and fabulous services are a part of our online lives – but they do have their risks. You need to be aware of what a stranger can find out about you and how your information can be used in the wrong hands. Being a savvy web user is more important than ever – how do you keep your personal information safe? Some things to think about:

  • Privacy policies – Do you know if your personal information is being protected, how it’s being used, or who it’s being shared with?
  • Are you using secure website, privacy settings and security software in a way that protects your information from getting into the wrong hands?
  • Do you respect the privacy of others, or are you posting information or pictures about them without regard for their privacy?


You can find out more about the competition by visiting these links:

What’s your story 2011 Home Page 

Official Competition Rules (Please read before entering)

Internet Safety Advice 



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