Watch out! – Social Networking might harm your career

I was sent this article by a colleague and found it very interesting. It highlights that a persons seemingly relative anonimity on the web no longer exists and that employers are harvesting the information they find on Social Networking sites to help them decide whether to employ people or to check up on current employees behaviour.

It alarms me that people do not realise the impact that posting personal information online can have on their current or future careers. We explain to students that we train, that the picture you post online now will always be online and whilst you might like it now, it might not be something you would like your parents or a prospective employer to see in the future. Adults should follow these rules and teach their children these rules. By posting your information online for everyone to see, you can not ensure that certain people won’t see it. Information that you post online should (in your mind) be acceptable for anyone to view otherwise negative consequencs could occur.

Please read the article and let me know your thoughts. Is Social Networking becomming an easy way for emplyers to check up on their employees? Is anything personal anymore?

You may also find this article interesting: ‘Protecting teen reputations on web 2.0’

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