Vodafone launch new and updated “Digital Parenting” Magazine

Vodafone have launched their new and updated Digital Parenting Magazine Following the success of the first issue of the magazine in 2010, 500,000 copies of the new magazine have been printed in 2012.

Annie Mullins OBE, Vodafone’s Global Head of Content Standards, says: “Vodafone Digital Parenting helps to build parents’ and grandparents’ confidence so that they can help children make the most of digital technologies and also understand the potential challenges and risks. We received great feedback about our first issue in 2010 so we’re delighted to be able to provide this free magazine again to hundreds of thousands of parents across the UK.”

Digital Parenting draws on the latest research and advice to bring parents up to speed on critical topics. Where bullying is concerned, for example, the magazine looks at one recent study that reveals how some young people regard and refer to online meanness as ‘drama’ and don’t see themselves as either a bully or a victim – a viewpoint that might differ considerably from that of their parents. Digital Parenting also explores the issues of privacy and online reputation, explaining why children and teenagers need to carefully consider what they reveal about themselves online as they’re creating long-lasting digital footprints that could affect them when they apply for college or jobs in the future.

The magazine contains articles by more than 25 digital and parenting experts, including psychiatrists, teachers, parenting advisers and industry representatives. As well as Expert View articles on subjects as wide-ranging as the importance of age ratings to the future of the internet, there is a focus on the sexualisation and commercialisation of young people, as parents are increasingly concerned about this.

The Digital Parenting team also spoke to a number of young people around the UK, including three Paralympic athletes, about the digital technologies they enjoy and the difference they make to their lives.

To help parents make the most of some of the safety and privacy tools already available, there are 10 step-by-step ‘How to’ guides in Issue 2 of Digital Parenting, including how to use the Vodafone Guardian app and how to set up the new BlackBerry Parental Controls. There is also a guide to help parents report any online concerns their child might have to popular service providers (such as Facebook, Google and Xbox) and relevant authorities (such as CEOP, the IWF and ParentPort).

In addition, there is a special feature on the role that grandparents can play in their grandchildren’s digital world, especially as so many are now involved with childcare. To support grandparents, Vodafone is providing, for the first time, guidance to help them make accessing the internet and using mobiles and other digital devices more enjoyable and safer for their grandchildren. Ahead of the launch of Digital Parenting, Vodafone commissioned YouGov to poll grandparents about this issue – you can find the survey results here.

Parents can access an electronic copy of the magazine online now at http://www.vodafone.com/content/index/parents.html so why not link to the magazine from your website or send the link home in your next newsletter.

Schools and settings can also order hard copies of the Digital Parenting Magazine to give out to parents via The Parent Zone by using the online order form

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