ThinkUKnow Internet Safety training in kent

Since September this year, Kent’s e-Safety Officer Rebecca Chapman and Kent’s Secondary Hands on Support advisor, Alison Gaunt, have been offering the Thinkuknow internet safety training to secondary schools in Kent. A number of training sessions have been completed and schools have already started to train their students.

The Community College Whitstable were the first to receive their training and all staff were involved in the session.

Other schools who have also received the teacher training include:

  • Weald of Kent School: Rebecca and Alison trained the year 7’s and also the sixth form peer mentors who will be helping to train the rest of the students.
  • Maidstone Grammar School: A selection of staff have already received the training and Rebecca & Alison will be visiting the school in the next few weeks to train their sixth form peer mentors to deliver the training to the students.
  • Northfleet School for Girls: The year 7 students were trained today and the teachers have already started to plan the training sessions for the rest of the students.
  • Northfleet Technology College: The learning mentors wer trained and they will be starting to train the students next week.
  • Invicta Grammar: A selection of staff were trained and they are going to start training the students before christmas
  • North School: All staff were trained at the North School and they are currently deciding the best approach to training their students. They may chose to enlist the help of the youth centre they have on site.
  • Wilmington Girls Grammar School: A selection of staff were trained last week and they are currently deciding the best approach for training the students.

Sessions planned for the next few weeks include:

  • Wrotham
  • East Kent Health Needs Education Service
  • Clarendon House Grammar School
  • Simon Langton Girls Grammar
  • Combe Bank
  • Mapleseden Noakes

If you are interested in having the training at your Kent secondary school, please email and she will contact you to arrange dates and discuss the thinkuknow training.

Please also see the document attached to this post as this explains the training and also gives some ideas of how to disseminate the training to your students.



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