Teachtoday – Making sense of technology

A new teachers’ website which delivers a strong lesson in e-safety has been launched:  teachtodayThis website has been set up to help to support the many teachers that feel the need to address e-safety issues but worry that they do not know enough about new technologies or those who feel that there is not time to devote to the topic outside the National Curriculum.

It has been created to enable teachers to support pupils in using technology responsibly and safely and focuses on several major issues that face today’s young people: Cyberbullying, searching the internet, well-being and health and privacy and personal safety. It is organised into age brackets for ease of use and is aimed at those teaching pupils aged 4-10 and 11+.

The teachtoday website contains guides and information about new technology (such as 60 second guides for blogging, Video Communities, Wiki’s etc) has lists of useful facts and figures to support teaching (e.g. that 55% of online teens have a social networking page), provides links to useful resources, has a  “Jargon Buster” section to explain technical and commonly used terms, and a bank of lesson plans across a vast range of subjects and Key Stages. There is also a discussion forum which provides staff with the opportunity to interact with other staff, safety experts and the industry across Europe and to exchange information, practice and find responses to their own queries.

Fourteen leading companies involved within the industry, from mobile operators and social networking companies to internet and mobile content providers, worked closely with European Schoolnet to create the materials and consult with teachers during the site development. The participating companies currently are AOL, BEBO, Buongiorno, Deutsche Telekom /T-Mobile, Facebook, Google, GSMA Europe, Microsoft, MySpace, Orange, 02/Telefonica, Telecom Italia, Vodafone and Yahoo! Europe.

Teachtoday will continue to develop and grow, ensuring it keeps pace with technology and the issues it in turn raises. It is free to register for account, which enables you to receive updates, post on the discussion board, answer online polls, comment on resources/documents/articles and contribute to the development and progress of the site.

 See you there

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