SuperClubs Plus

SuperClubsPLUS is an award winning e-learning site for children aged 6 to 11. This Protected Online Learning Community offers safe chat along with a range of other online tools like home pages, school pages and email. Charges apply.

SuperClubsPLUS offers a private chat service ideal for a host school and invited partner schools, called School LinkUPs. You set up your own forum and invite your partner school or several schools to take part.
To start a LinkUP, you first register and then invite your existing partner school to register. You could also post an invitation in the SuperClubsPLUS Staffroom to find new partners. At present most of the registered teachers are in the UK although there are some signficant numbers in Canada and elsewhere.
Only the participants can see the discussion in your LinkUP forum and this gives the children the confidence to have informal get-to-know-you conversations. It’s best to build up a social relationship before asking probing questions about the environment in which their link school peers are living and learning, for example.
To read more about SuperClubs Plus, Click

SuperClubs plus have also just launched a version for handheld devices. To find out more click here

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