Schoolgirl web bully ‘lucky to avoid jail’

A sixteen year old girl who set up a website to humiliate a fellow pupil
was told by magistrates yesterday that she was very lucky to avoid a
custodial sentence. The defendant also attacked her ex-friend while the
assault was filmed on a mobile phone. The website, registered under the
name ‘apeface’, ridiculed the victim, and other pupils added insults before
the victim reported it to police, who shut down the site. The defendant
admitted assualt and harassment, and was sentenced to a 12 month referral
This article highlights the potential problems arising from the use of social networking sights. It is important to rememer however that these types of technologies provide students with a fantastic resource to showcase their creativity and to socialise with friends. Whilst there are associated risks, it is important to educate the students about the risks and how to use the technology safely and responsibly, rather than focussing on the dangers and discouraging access.

Click here to view the article


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