Safer Internet Searching for Children – Auntie Beeb does the job!

There are safe search engines that children can use with confidence! Both are operated by the BBC, one of which is specifically aimed at use by younger children.

BBC Search Engine
CBBC Search Engine

The BBC Search Engine is comprehensive, UK focused and safe, and can be recommended for general school use; however younger children may find the CBBC Search Engine more suited to their needs. The CBBC search is more restricted and only returns results from known child friendly sites with real value.

Main features of The BBC Search Engine

  • Family Friendly – they use a combination of technology and regular human checks to detect and block offensive websites, and aim (are!) the safest search engine in the UK.
  • UK-focused – dedicated to serving a UK audience. The BBC use special software to bring websites which are more relevant to people living, working and studying in the UK to the top of their search results.
  • BBC Recommended – BBC expert editors carry out research into popular topics and recommend the best websites available. They also highlight useful links from BBC News, Sport, Entertainment and Education.

CLICK HERE for information on how to use BBC search.

Schools should consider using the BBC search engine, and if a school’s own home page isn’t provided, make it this one! Its also great for children to use at home. Personally I would like to see it available in a form that can be embedded in a school home page.

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