Safer Internet Day 2013 – “Have your say” survey

The UK Safer Internet Centre are very pleased to be able to share their plans for Safer Internet Day 2013 and to ask for our help.



Safer Internet Day 2013 will take place on Tuesday 5 February 2013. Focusing on online rights and responsibilities, this will be the tenth anniversary of the event and they are looking to children, young people, schools and partners across the UK to help us make Safer Internet Day 2013 bigger and better than ever before. For Safer Internet Day 2013 the UK Safer Internet Centre are giving children and young people the opportunity to share with the Government and key people from the internet industry what they want from the internet and how it can be a better place.

The UK Safer Internet Centre are delighted to be launching the Safer Internet Day ‘Have your Say’ survey, which asks children and young people to consider what they believe will make the internet a better place and will ask them to reflect on whether online services, government and schools are doing enough to support them to get the most out of the internet. Do they have a right to access all information? Do they have a right to control their privacy? It will also give them the chance to reflect on their online responsibilities, and consider how the way they act online can affect other people’s online experiences. They will then present the collated views and opinions of children and young people across the UK to the Government on Safer Internet Day.

It would be great if schools and organisations could take part and ask the young people they work with to complete a copy of the Safer Internet Day survey, either online, or on the downloadable pdf and return it to the UK Safer Internet Centre by 31st October 2012.

You can access both the 7-11 age and 11-18 age survey’s online at .

If you have any questions about the survey, please do feel free to email who will be able to help.


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