Safer Internet Day 2012 – New resources from Childnet and the UK Safer Internet Day Centre

The theme for SID 2012 will be ‘Connecting generations’ and it will encourage all users, whatever their age, to discover the digital world together safely. The UK Safer Internet Centre will be encouraging parents, carers and grandparents to connect with their children and young people and to share their ideas for staying safe online with others. Similarly, Safer Internet Day will be a call to action for children and young people, supported by their schools, in sharing their knowledge on how to stay safe with the community around them.

Schools can send in to the UK Safer Internet Centre, in no more than 140 characters (i.e. a txt), how they are planning to mark Safer Internet Day 2012. This may be working with children, it could be raising awareness in your local shopping centre, it could be organising for children to help senior citizens to get online for the first time! The opportunities are endless! Send your school logo and text to and these will be added to Safer Internet Centre website.

Childnet International has developed new resources to support schools taking part in Safer Internet Day on the 7th February 2012. The new Safer Internet Day Education Resourcesaim to help teachers think about how to address and cover Safer Internet Day in the classroom. A series of resources have been designed for both the PrimaryandSecondary age groups.

Secondary Schools:

  • Use the lesson plan to enable debate and discussion surrounding internet issues. Challenge young people to understand the concerns of other generations. Showcase your debate to peers, parents, carers and grandparents; and give them the chance to join in!
  • Create an awareness raising campaign in your school to encourage all generations of the local community to connect to the internet safely!

Primary Schools

  • Use the lesson plan to enable your pupils to share their internet knowledge with their peers and with a selected audience within the community, to facilitate an exciting and collaborative group learning experience.
  • Create a class song / jingle / rap / short play or sketch titled “How we connect online and why we love the internet” IN ADVANCE of Safer Internet Day that can be showcased at the end of the SID assembly on 7 February 2012.

The Primary resource pack contains a poster to promote the SID theme, a primary assembly PowerPoint and accompanying script, 5 quick classroom activities and an in-depth lesson plan for a class community project, designed to utilise the technological skills of the class and to potentially share these with a chosen audience within the local area to create a communal learning experience. Similarly, the Secondary resource packs contain a poster to promote the theme, 5 quick classroom activities, an assembly PowerPoint with supporting script and an in-depth lesson plan for a debate. The aim of the debate lesson plan is to prepare pupils to stage a debate about the internet; the young people will put themselves in the shoes of others and consider other people’s points of view.

This free content can be downloaded from the UK Safer Internet Site at


Safer Internet Day Live, the internet radio programme, will be broadcasting on the day. Building on the success of Safer Internet Day 2011, the marathon programme will hear from world leading experts, those being children and young people! The programme is truly interactive – it doesn’t have listeners but participants. The programme will have sections focusing on particular subjects.The UK Safer Internet Centre are specifically looking for groups of children to appear on the programme– either live or pre recorded and would love to hear from you if your school or organisation has such a group who would like to be broadcast across the globe. The children can tell us how they use online technologies, put questions to our interviewees, or tell others how they are marking Safer Internet Day at home, at school and with friends! Get in touch with express your interest to take part in the programme.

The e-Safety Officer is looking for Kent Schools to take part in activities across the county. Please contact if your school is taking part in SID12 or would be intrested in joining in.



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