Safer Internet Day 2012 – save the date in your diary!

Safer Internet Day (SID) 2012 will take place on Tuesday 7th February 2012 and the theme will be around ‘Connecting Generations’.  This theme lends itself to looking at educating each other and placing the subject of positive internet use and internet safety as a family issue. It will also fit in well with the RaceOnline 2012.


The UK Safer Internet Centre’s plans for the day are being worked on now and they will be providing a range of resources (lesson and assembly plans) for schools.

The UK safer Internet Centre also has a brand new monthly newsletter which you can easily subscribe to at  Here they will share the latest updates on Safer Internet Day as well as keeping you up to date with not only the plans and resources they are working on but also those from around the UK and of the Safer Internet Centres across the EU.  The newsletter will also include the online safety news making the headlines.  Indeed if there are any articles, alerts or information you might wish to share, please do contact the UK Safer Internet Centre at

 If schools and settings are taking part in  Safer Internet Day 2012, please do let either the UK Safer Internet Centre or the Kent e-Safety Officer ( know about any activities you are planning for the big day. For the last Safer Internet Day, over 70  companies, organisations and schools send in their logos plus a description of their Safer Internet Day activities to the UK Safer Internet Centre (you can see these at, and it would be great to expand that for 2012).  

 More information will be posted on the e-Safety blog as soon possible.


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