Safer Internet Day 2008

On the 15th February 2008, Schools across the globe are being invited to participate in insafe’s “Safer Internet Day”.


Schools are encouraged to use the day to reflect on key issues within their school and to raise an awareness of safer internet use.


Assemblies to support Safer Internet day can be found in CEOP’s, ThinkUknow teacher resources pages.


This year the Key Theme is “Life online is what YOU make of IT” and is encouraging young people to look at the positive aspects of the internet as well as the negatives. They are also running a multimedia competition and although it is now too late to enter, Schools will be able to view and consider winning entries, which may provide a valuable stimulus for debate.


The questions posed by insafe to provoke discussion from young people may well be worth repeating for consideration, as it is all to common to focus on either the positives or the negatives of the internet and not the greater issue; “how can we be safer when using the internet”.  


Is the internet a positive or negative element in today’s world?

Are mobile phones only about “connecting people”?

Can we believe everything we see on the internet?

Do we behave differently online than in the “physical” world? 

How does our behaviour impact on the online environment?


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