Request for e-Safety FAQ’s please!

I’m attempting to document some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) around e-Safety topics to help schools and other settings. This is to build on our document “Safer Practice with Technology” which started life as a selection of similar questions and has recieved very postive feedback from schools, agencies and other settings, both within Kent and beyond.

The list of FAQs so far is as follows:

  • What upcoming online trends does my school need to be aware of?
  • Where should e-Safety sit in the school curriculum?
  • Who should have the lead responsibility for e-Safety in a school?
  • Who needs to have e-Safety training in the school?
  • Can I use my mobile phone or my own device at school?
  • Does my school need to think about Data Protection and Security?
  • Can I ban my staff from using Facebook/twitter etc?
  • How can I help my staff keep safe online?
  • What should our school e-Safety policy and AUP (Acceptable Use Policy) cover?
  • At what age should we start talking to children about e-Safety?
  • What Search Engine/tools should I use in class?
  • Children in my primary school class are using Facebook, what should I do?
  • How do I talk to children about an online concern without encouraging them?
  • Should schools use social media to communicate with students or parents?
  • What can we do about children playing inappropriate games etc outside of school?
  • If cyberbullying is happening outside of school, surely it’s not the schools problem is it?
  • A parent has written nasty comments about the school on Facebook, how can I get it removed?
  • How do I report criminal content I find online?
  • What resources can I use to discuss cyberbullying with my pupils?
  • How do I talk to pupils about password safety?
  • What is the role for governors in e-Safety and safeguarding?
  • How can include pupils in e-Safety policy, in order to make it more effective?
  • How do I get parents to attend an e-Safety session/workshop?
  • How can I get parents to engage with e-Safety?
  • How can I help parents make informed choices about devices for their children
  • What resources are available to use with pupils with Special Education Needs?
  • What resources are available for older students?

Many thanks to very some kind people on twitter for making some suggestions to be included. 

List updated: 18.4.12

I’ll be seeking to provide some guidance as well as any useful links and resources to support schools and settings when dealing with the most common e-Safety questions and queries.

In the meantime, if you have a question which you’d like to submit or have some useful resources which you think might be helpful to share, then please post or comment below or contact the e-Safety Officer via email or on twitter


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