Professor Byron’s ” Safer Children in a Digital Age” Progress Review

Today, Professor Tanya Byron, published her Progress review, two years on from her first report ‘Safer Children in a Digital World’. Professor Byron  confirmed the UK is one of the world leaders in child internet safety but advised that both Government and Industry need to make faster progress in delivery if the UK is to stay ahead of advances in technology.

Key successes that she highlighted included:

  • ‘Zip it, Block it, Flag it’, the public awareness campaign for parents
  • the creation of the UK Council for Child Internet Safety (UKCCIS), a coalition of government, charities and industry
  • the publication of an internet safety strategy “Click Clever, Click Safe”

 Professor Byron did  also make it very clear that more needs to be done to help speed up the delivery of policy and actions that fundamentally impact on the lives of children and young people.

New recommendations made inclued:

  • UKCCIS should better engage with, and listen to, children, young people and parents to ensure that work focuses on the issues which are important to them, e.g. underage children on social networking sites and the issue of easy access to pornography.
  • Industry should speed up work on a self-regulated code of practice to keep pace with the changes in new technologies, such as wifi access on mobile phones.
  • The UKCCIS Board must have an independent chair to provide strategic leadership, sharpen the focus on delivery and increase the pace of progress.
  • UKCCIS should work with mobile phone manufacturers to improve parental controls on mobile phones and consider the need for minimum standards for parental controls on games consoles. This should include more support for parents on how they can use and access these controls.


To access the document and press release click here

To view Professor Byron’s interview with BBC Breakfast click here

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