Parents Guide to Facebook Booklet Launched

A new booklet has been launched today to help provide parents across the globe with the tools and the confidence  they need to help their teenagers improve their privacy and safety on Facebook

The booklet  “A Parents Guide to Facebook” has been written by Larry Magid and Anne Collier. Anne Collier is co-director of and editor of NetFamilyNews and Larry Magid who is also a co-director of ConnectSafely, is founder and editor of

The booklet is a 32-page guide which features hands-on, step-by-step instructions and illustrations, as well as discussion points on age limits, privacy, and reputation protection. It covers mobile phone and computer-based use of Facebook and also considers the site’s newest features, including Places, Groups, and the latest privacy updates (Autumn 2010). Whilst the booklet is an American based resource (use of the term cell phone etc) it’s an excellent tool for parents and carers to use to highlight issues to consider and safer approaches to take when your child is using Facebook.

ConnectSafely also has an at-a-glance interactive chart with recommendations and links to pages in Facebook where teenagers can configure the best privacy settings for them.

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