Ofcom publish Media Literacy Audit

Ofcom have undertaken an audit into childrens “Media Literacy” The report can be found here

Ofcom’s definition of media literacy, was developed after consultation with stakeholders was defined as â€˜the ability to access, understand and create communications in a variety of contexts’. The report considered Media Literacy both at home and at school.

 Some key findings:


Children’s bedrooms are increasingly becoming ‘multi-media centres’ children aged 12-15 have an average of six media devices in their bedrooms and children aged 8-11 have an average of four.

Around two-thirds of children tend to watch television, listen to the radio and use the internet in a room without an adult present. Solo users account for 16% of all children aged 8-15 watching television and 14% of all children aged 8-15 using the internet.


Children’s trust in television programmes differs by type of programme (43% of 8-11s and 47% of 12-15s). There are higher levels of trust for news and nature programmes (over 80% for all 8-15s) than for reality television programmes (under 50% for all 8-15s).

Children claim to trust online content (59% of 8-11s and 61% of 12-15s). Howeverless than one in ten children strongly agree that they believe most of what they see on the internet; this suggests that at some level children are evaluating the content they see online.

Nearly one in ten parents with children using more than one of the platforms have no rules for any of their child’s media use, just under a third of parents use a PIN or password control to restrict their child’s television viewing. More than half of all households with internet access have no blocking software or other controls over online access; households with 8-11 year olds is 50% and those with 12-15 year olds is 43%.


Social networking sites have significantly increased children’s desire and ability to create content online and over half of 12 – 15s who have the internet at home state that they have a social networking profile.

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