Number of child sexual abuse websites quadruples!

The number of web sites showing the most severe forms of child sex abuse has quadrupled in three years according to a BBC Breakfast report this morning. The Internet Watch Foundation reports that more than 90% of the children in the images are under 12!

Child pornography is a global money making business with high profits. According to the IWF report, in 2003 7% of the images showed severe sexual abuse including rape and sadistic sexual activity. By 2006 that number had quadrupled to 29%, and on pay to view sites 57% of images showed child rape.

Dr Michelle Elliott went on to say that those who download feel they are less to blame as they are not the ones taking the photos. As she pointed out, its the demand from paying customers that creates the market! The downloaders are just as culpable. That makes them just as responsible as those who take the pictures.

It was interesting that BBC CLICK, two days earlier was explaining in the context of anonymous blogging how to use proxy avoidance to avoid being identified online!

Thse who perpetrate sexual abuse of children for profit are scum … those who create the market by buying images are no different. Credit card companies and banks that transact payments to this underclass of sub-humans should be forced to notify authorities and immediately withdraw the accounts of those involved. No money, no market!

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