New e-Safety resources from CEOP

‘Exposed’ – video for KS3/4

CEOP has developed a suite of resources designed to tackle the issue of young people taking indecent images which are then circulated to a wider audience. These resources consist of a ten minute film called ‘Exposed’ and accompanying lesson plans for classroom activities or assemblies. The materials show common ways young people get into this situation, explore the consequences of these actions and what they can do if they find themselves in this position. ‘Exposed’ is aimed at 14 to 18 year olds, although in practice you may feel the film is suitable for those outside of this range.  

More information on the resource can be found at: and

You can download these resources from and selecting ‘Exposed’ under the 11 – 16’s tab. 


Interactive e-Safety Game for KS2

There is a new internet safety game for 8 – 10 year olds called ‘Star Riders’.  This interactive game requires the user to answer questions about internet safety to increase the amount of time they have to collect stars and avoid nasty icons.  There is a leader board to encourage users to improve.  The questions users are asked will be changed every few months to reflect new themes.   

You can access this game at

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