New e-Safety Resources and Information – September 2010

Below is a selection of new tools and resources to help with your e-Safety practice in this school year!


Teach Today – Teacher of the Month Competition

Teach Today is a website which aims to help education professionals understand new technologies and to help them be aware how to protect themselves as well as students.

Enter the Teachtoday ‘Teacher of the Month’ competition and win a cash prize to help you implement your e-Safety project in class. All you have to do is share your ideas and experiences on promoting the responsible use of digital technologies (eg internet, mobiles, social networking and games consoles) in the classroom.

Your post should describe:

  • a project you have implemented or wish to implement in class to educate your students about the responsible use of new technologies, such as the internet, mobiles, social networking and games consoles
  •   the strategies, pedagogical material or code of practice you have set up in class to foster responsible use of new technologies

Visit the website to learn more about entering – read the rules to learn more about the competition or simply sign in and post your blog or create a new strand in the forum. In sharing your ideas you will help foster a community of support from your peers. The author of the best entry each month will become “Teacher of the Month”. Please feel free to post your questions in the blog , in the forum  or via the contact form

Teach Today has a team of experts ready to respond so make sure you get your entry in fast!


A Back to School 2010 gift from Insafe 

Insafe is a European network of Awareness Centres, Co-funded by the Safer Internet Programme, promoting safe, responsible use of the Internet and mobile devices to young people. They have launched a box of tools and tips to start the year off on a positive note which includes lesson plans and activities on Password safety, quizzes and safety tips.

All the lesson plans etc can be all be accessed here


Own your Space – Free ebook For Teens

Microsoft has released a free ebook covering a wide range of on-line safety and security topics aimed at older teenagers/secondary school students.

The book is called “Own Your Space – Keep Yourself and Your Stuff Safe Online” and is a useful and comprehensive resource for anyone interested in learning more about online security such as phishing, cyber-stalking, cyberbullying. It also provides history and real examples of the problems that can come from security risks as well as how to take steps to protect ourselves online.

You can download all (or separate chapters of the book) here 


Safe Project for Primary Schools – Launching October 12th 2010

“Safe” is a new programme of practical, activities to develop primary children’s skills, self-confidence and safety awareness when using social network sites. Safe is a project created by Radiowaves, Childnet International  and The I in Online.

Combining a safe, social network, downloadable materials and teacher resources, the programme will enable primary schools to deliver fun activities which develop their pupils’ digital literacy skills. By completing the programme pupils gain a Safe certificate as evidence of their learning and will be encouraged to develop online safety skills to use at home and at school.

All Safe tasks are linked to the English Primary Curriculum as well as the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence. All of the pupils tasks are supported by teacher packs which include how to guides, discussion topics and expected learning outcomes.

Safe is based around 3 core concepts to help encourage pupils to ask critical questions before they share information or media.

  • Who?
    • Who will see what you share? How do you control who can see it?
  • What?
    • What are you sharing? Is it yours to share? What personal information are you sharing?
  • Where?
    • Where are you sharing things? Is this the best place for you and your work?

Register at to express your interest and to keep informed about new resources and updates ready for the launch date on October 12th 2010.


Beat Bullying and National Anti Bullying Week

This year’s Anti-Bullying Week takes place from 15-19 November and kicks off with something really special on Monday 15 November. The theme for 2010 is ‘Taking Action Together.’ With this in mind Beat Bullying are inviting you to get your school ready for the biggest and most exciting Anti-Bullying Week ever planned. Beat Bullying have produced a range of merchandise which your school can purchase to tie in with Anti-Bullying Week.

The Big March
For this year’s Anti-Bullying week Beat Bullying are doing something truly special and invites you to take part in the Big March against bullying. The Big March is the world’s first ‘virtual’ march – young people, their friends, families, teachers and parents will be signing a petition and marching across the web. No real marching takes place, it all happens online, as thousands of people will ‘virtually’ march across a range of partner websites to deliver the petition at No. 10 Downing Street on the first day of Anti-Bullying Week – Monday 15 November.

The Big March Park opens on September 15th and you can register for the march, sign the petition, get your placard and get ready to march with Beat Bullying. In the park there is  a range of virtual tents with a huge number of  interactive resources for young people, teachers and parents including lesson plans, videos, learning materials and much more! Some tents are  sponsored by companies like Google and others by children’s charities like Action for Children and the Children’s Commissioner.

Please do visit the Park, sign up with your schools and classes and help Beat Bullying make digital history! All you need to do is go to to sign up.

Beatbullying Merchandise
A range of exciting merchandise has been produced this year as well as some special Beatbullying SillyBandz designed by Aston from JLS. They can be purchased in packs of 50 and 100 and if you choose you can sell them back to students to raise funds for your school. You can find out more and order wristbands and stickers.

The Big March is a pioneering campaign and is going to capture the eyes, ears and hearts of the world. Please encourage your school to visit the Park and sign up


If you have any further suggestions for useful e-Safety resources then please contact the e-Safety officer or post them in comments below.


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