New “Back to School” resources to use with parents/carers from CEOP

The start of a new academic year is a great time to get parents and carers engaged and this year the team at CEOP have made it easier for schools and organisations to start the discussion.


The specially produced ‘Back to School’ resources, sponsored by Visa Europe, give you everything you need to raise the awareness of parents. These are:

  • a fully scripted presentation to deliver to parents and carers
  • an animated film on the increasing influence of social media
  • a guide for running successful awareness raising events that really grab attention
  • a letter for parents and carers – ‘Taking control’
  • a parents’/carer’s checklist

To access all of these resources please register at Think U Know in the teacher/trainer section or log in to your account at and download the ‘Parents and Carers Awareness Raising Pack’.

CEOP’s Thinkuknow education programme has to date been viewed eight million times. With the help of schools and organisations CEOP can reach even more children with vital safety messages and help their parents/carers play their part in protecting them.  Please help to create a safer online environment for children.



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