Mobile providers sign accord to tackle net dangers to children

An accord has been signed by mobile operators to protect children from abusers and pornographic images. It was launched at an EU-wide Safer Internet Day. Not sure exactly what measures they have agreed, but apparently they have tabled a number of ideas, and promise to put them into action by February 2008. You can get the press pack HERE. The EU also have a Safer Internet Programme.

Based on self-regulation though (Mmm, why are their rafts of EU covering every aspect of life from the EU, yet children’s safety is self regulated?). Included are plans to provide tools for parents that enable them to customise children’s access to content, and a code of practice.

The UK contribution is the Crossing Borders and Dissolving Boundaries? One of the most interesting site I found whilst researching this story is the ‘Internet Safety Zone‘, which I found really interesting and well thought through. ‘Hats-Off’ to Microsoft for sponsoring the site and providing the whizzy graphics!

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