Met criticises local police e-crime response

Plans to set up a central e-crime unit are being welcomed by senior police officers who have expressed concerns about local police responses. Senior police officers have criticised local police responses to reports of e-crime, and have welcomed plans for a national police centre to co-ordinate cybercrime-fighting efforts.

Currently cybercrime reporting is not taken seriously enough at a local level, according to Detective Inspector Brian Ward of the Metropolitan Police.

The Metropolitan Police has plans to set up a central e-crime unit to act as a single point to collect and collate e-crime reports, share intelligence, co-ordinate e-crime responses and centralise standards, according to McMurdie.

“We need joined-up policing,” said McMurdie. “One victim may go to one local police station, but there may be 10,000 victims around the country. We’ll take all of the notifications and decide whether to take any preventative action. We’ll look at all of the intelligence and decide whether to investigate.”

The Metropolitan Police is currently setting up a business plan and looking at funding for the central e-crime unit, so a definite timescale for its operation could not be given, according to a spokeswoman.

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