Kent Schools and Settings e-Safety Policy 2010 Update

The Kent Schools e-Safety Policy and Guidance has been updated for 2010 to reflect the changes in technology and practise within schools and settings.

All schools and settings need to understand the significance of e-safety within the 2009 Ofsted inspection framework, which highlights the importance of safeguarding, including e-safety in helping children learn and achieve to the best of their abilities and to stay safe.

The updated 2010 e-Safety Policy Guidance and Template builds upon the foundations laid by previous editions and incorporates new content and materials that schools and other settings may find useful when writing and reviewing e-Safety Policies.

It is essential that schools and settings are aware of both the benefits and risk of using new Technology for students, staff and the wider community. The 2010 Guidance document now has a specific section regarding the use of Social Media tools as an establishment and we strongly recommend that schools and settings read and carefully consider the information and advice before using externally controlled online tools such as social networking. Schools and settings can also consult with the e-Safety Officer to discuss ideas and options.

 New content includes:

  • An updated Incident flow chart for e-Safety incidents (including a handy customisable Poster version to use in staffrooms etc)
  • New information about Kent Police procedures
  • Sections added regarding Cyberbullying and Learning Platforms
  • References to Data Security considerations
  • Discussion regarding use of Social Media Tools as an establishment
  • Updated audit tools, contact information, notes on the legal framework and references to useful materials


The updated documents are available electronically at

Schools and Settings e-Safety Policy Guidance 2010

Schools and Settings 2010 Policy Template

Poster: Responding to an incident of concern


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