Kent e-Safety Policy Template 2012 Update for Schools and Settings

The Kent e-Safety Policy Template has been updated for 2012 by the Kent e-Safety Strategy Group to reflect the rapid changes in technology and to promote good practice within schools and settings.

The e-Safety agenda relates to children and young people as well as adults and is concerned with the safe use of the Internet, mobile phones and other electronic communications technologies, both in and out of school. It includes education for all members of the school community on risks and responsibilities and is part of the ‘duty of care’ which applies to everyone working with children.

All schools and settings need to recognise the importance of e-Safety as part of the wider safeguarding remit and in ensuring that children feel safe and are able to learn and achieve to the best of their abilities. Children now live in an ever increasingly digital world and it’s essential that schools recognise this when implementing their safeguarding responsibilities. Schools and other settings must decide on the right balance between controlling access to the internet and technology, setting rules and boundaries and educating students and staff about responsible use and should ensure that action has been taken to help protect staff, students and the wider school community.

The updated 2012 e-Safety Policy Template builds upon the foundations laid by previous editions and incorporates new content and is provided as a framework to support schools and other settings when writing and updating e-Safety policies. The e-Safety policy is essential in setting out how the school plans to develop and establish its e-Safety approach and to identify core principles which all members of the school community need to be aware of and understand.

New content includes:

  • New and updated discussion material in relation to establishing school policies and procedures
  • Updated sections regarding cyberbullying, learning platforms and personal devices 
  • Content regarding responding to e-Safety incidents and the use of Social media tools 
  • Updated audit, contact information and references to useful materials

The Kent Online e-Safety Policy Generator website has also been updated with the new material to enable schools to create a collaborative and personalised version of their policy online. If any Kent schools or settings have not already registered to use the generator, they can visit for more information and to register for an account. Please note that only schools within Kent, Medway or other registered Local Authorities can register to use the Online Generator.

Kent schools and settings can consult with the e-Safety Officer to discuss policies and procedures in relation to schools e-Safety responsibilities.

The updated policy template is available electronically here and other Kent e-Safety Material can be found at

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