IMSafer Filters, Not Spies, on Kids

Keeping children safe from predatory adults in online communication is a service in high demand, but in order for children to participate the parental control needs to be kept to a minimum. IMSafer is a service that launched today and promises to filter IM communication for conversation deemed potentially predatory. The company says it worked with law enforcement specialists to develop its filtering rules and some of them are quite interesting – the phrase “you’re a good girl” is believed to be common language for building a dominance/submission based relationship, for example. Only questionable excerpts from IM conversations will be shown to parents; the company hopes that this relative privacy will help buy-in from kids.

When an offending statement is made, an email alert is sent to the parent in real time. The IMSafer dashboard displays conversation excerpts that the system believes are unsafe. The parent can then vote on whether they believe the conversation to be inappropriate and those votes go into a common pool tied to IM screen names. Other parents will be notified if their child enters into conversation with someone who has had conversation filtered and voted as inappropriate by any other IMSafer participating parent.

To Read more about IMSafer, click here

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