Hector Protector

I was at the BETT show this week and I attended an internet safety seminar. Karl Hopwood from Semley Primary School mentioned Hector Protector so I thought I would check it out. Hector Protector was developed by Netsafe, the Internet Safety group in New Zealand.

The Hector Safety Button is the first component of a comprehensive Hector’s World education initiative to keep children ages 3-10 safe in cyberspace.  The Hector Safety Button can be easily downloaded from their website. 

Once downloaded, Hector can swim alongside children (in a corner of their computer screen) as they surf the Internet using Internet Explorer, or communicate with others using Outlook or Outlook Express.  If a child is upset or worried about an image that comes up on the screen, they simply click on Hector.  He immediately covers the screen with a beautiful underwater scene, and a reassuring message that the child has done the right thing, and now can go and get adult help.

According to the Internet Safety group, ‘The Hector Safety Button is a perfect way to quickly cover the screen in such situations as accidentally accessing pornography or opening chainletters with horrific photos.  At the same time, Hector’s positive message encourages a child to tell an adult that they’ve encountered upsetting or inappropriate material.  Any worry they may have about being blamed is eased, and the adult is given the opportunity to commend and support the child.’

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