Get I.T? Got I.T? Good! – Internet Safety advice for Young People and their Parents/Carers

NCH and Tesco Telecoms have teamed up to provide an internet safety advice booklet for Young People and their Parents/Carers.  The Booklet decribes a number of technologies used by children everyday e.g. mobile phones, blogs and mp3 players and provides tips for using them safely. There is also a section for parents to find out about these technolgies and some of the safety issues surrounding them. They have also provided a handy glossary which explains what the tecnology terms mean.

This is a great leaflet for parents/carers and young people to read through together and make sure that they both understand how the technology works and how to use it safely.

To download a copy click this link:

This booklet has been devloped by NCH & Tesco Telcoms in response to a study they carried out called Get I.T. Safe. This study found that a third of children, many as young as 11 years old, use blogs and social networking sites at least two or three times a week, yet two-thirds of parents don’t even know what a blog is’  and ‘One in ten 11 year olds said their parents know nothing about who they communicate with online and that their parents never supervise them online.’ These statistics highlight the need for parents to increase their technology knowledge and keep children safe, which NCH and Tesco Telcoms hope will be made easier by their booklet.

Tesco and NCH are also running ‘Technology Doctor’ roadshows in selected Tesco stores during July and August for young people and their Parents/Carers. Each roadshow will have a range of technology experts available to offer advice and specialist knowledge. Why not check them out!

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